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Flower Food

Flower Food

We all want our flowers to last as long as possible so here is a very easy tip that anyone can do at home to keep them looking fresh!

 It is the bacteria in vase water that can clog the stem and the ability to deliver water and nutrients to the rest of the flower.

The most effective way to get the best out of your flowers is by replacing the water every 2-3 days, keeping the vase and water crystal clear, snipping an inch off the stems with each change, removing water blockages. This will keep your flowers happy and thriving and best of all, no plastic flower food packets!

But if you want to take that extra step to prevent any bacteria in your vase you can add a small drop (around half a teaspoon) of household bleach (such as domestos) to you vase before you add you flowers. Use a strong stem from your bunch to mix the bleach around the vase.

Enjoy the extra time you get with your blooms!