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Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata


Declared in recent years as the "it" plant but the Fiddle-Leaf Fig is regarded by many as a finicky plant to have in your collection. We can vouch for this as parents to these babies!

The Fiddle-Leaf is desperate for bright, indirect light. Some direct sunlight is fine in the early morning sun but hard sun will burn the leaves. Temperatures should be between 18-27 degrees in the day and no less than 15 degrees in the evening. 

Only water when the top two inches of soil is dry. Water until it drains into the base tray. Wait an hour for the plant to drink up what it needs and then remove it from the tray or soak it up with a towel. Don't let it sit in water as this will cause root rot.

Fiddle's hate to be moved so once you've found a good spot, leave it there! But do rotate your Fiddle-Leaf every two months or so for balanced growth.